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unequalled outdoor recreation in this rainforest adventure playground

Costa Rica’s variety of activities draws visitors from around the globe in and around wildlife refuges and national parks.

Tours & Attractions - What to do in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s variety of tours, attractions and activities draws visitors from around the globe. Indeed, the area lays claim to unequalled outdoor recreation in and around wildlife refuges and national parks. To help you decide how to spend your time in this rainforest adventure playground, we have compiled information of the best activities and tours in Costa Rica. Day trips include White Water Rafting, rainforest guided hikes, mountain biking, Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs tours, Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfalls tour, canyoneering tours, and National Park tours.

Experience all-inclusive trips like the 2 day rafting trips through Pacuare River; or enjoy a wonderful visit to Rincon de la Vieja Volcano or a short adventure trip to Monteverde Cloud Forest & Arenal Volcano. If you want to avoid the hasless of planning, save time during your trip and just focus on enjoying your vacation time, you can take advantage and the convenience of our Adventure Tours in Costa Rica. Designed and operated by Outdoor Adventures, all our tours are lead by an expert Adventure Leader, that travels with you from begining to end, ensuring quality in a seamless way.

Multi-Sport Tours in Costa Rica Multi-Sport tours in Costa Rica

You don't need to be running the Iron Man or a normal basis, to be able to enjoy a Multi-Sport tour in Costa Rica, organized by Outdoor Adventures. You will experience a bunch of adrenaline activities, prepared for normal people. Anyone with good sense of adventure and open mind will enjoy this high-adventure quick-paced physically challenging exploration. With hiking and sleeping in the rainforest, canyoneering in high waterfalls, hanging in the zip-lines to have a birds eye of the cloud forest, exploring awesome caves, mountain biking and kayaking around an active volcano; or in the 12 days Thrillseekers, with a Coast to Coast trip that will make you feel proud of what you can do!! >> See Multisport tours in Costa Rica

Trekking in Costa Rica Trekking in Costa Rica

This Trekking Expeditions in Costa Rica run by Outdoor Adventures, offers you the opportunity to explore isolated places in a safe and enjoyable way, where the group needs to be self-sufficient for many days away from logistical support, you are required to carry all your equipment, making this type of trips intense and often demanding a high level of fitness. You can do a Coast to Coast Trekking, or visit Costa Rica highest mountain: Cerro Chirripo; get into a really small group of expeditioners to do the Cerro Kamuk Trekking; or visit the "the most biologically intense place on Earth" in a trekking expedition to Corcovado National Park. >> Go Trekking in Costa Rica

Hiking in Costa Rica Hiking Tours in Costa Rica

There are many different Hiking Tours around Costa Rica. You can hike to the volcanic lagoon located inside the Cerro Chato, from where you have an amazing view of the Arenal Volcano, or you can walk in the trail and hanging bridges where you have a birds eye of the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. Also you can do a short hike in the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, where the trail winds in and out the gold sand beaches at the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. Although the hiking is moderately strenuous in places, it can be enjoyed by anyone in reasonably good physical condition. >> Find Hiking tours in Costa Rica

Camping in Costa Rica Camping Tours in Costa Rica

Although most of the time, all around the country is just easyer to stay in a hotel, there are many places where you don't have any lodging facilities, and camping is the best and only option. To spend the night in the tropics, depending where you are, you could use the trusted Camping Tents, but sometimes, when you are in the thick rainforest, the best way is to use a hammock with a tarp. Using hammocks allow us to go with the Leave No Trace principles, to make less impact on the camp area, as we don't need to clear a big area for the tent, as well as stay away from the humidity of the ground. >> Go Camping in Costa Rica

Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Tours in Costa Rica

There are many different options to do Mountain Bike in Costa Rica. Mountain Bike rides range from a few hours in a easy flat terrain for novices, with the Arenal Volcano on the back, to single track in the moutains especially for more experienced riders, to multi-day trips of either just mountain bike or in a multi-sport trip Coast to Coast of Costa Rica. >> Find Mountain Bike tours in Costa Rica

Canopy tours in Costa Rica Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

One of the Must-Do activities in Costa Rica is the Canopy Tour. With a harness and a pulley, you will be traversing in a cable from tree to tree using the force of gravity. In the Canopy Tour or zip-lines you will have a birds eye of the cloud forest or rain forest of Costa Rica. The canopy tour is included in most of the tours organized by Outdoor Adventures, and also you can do it as a one day tour. >> Find Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

Climbing tours in Costa Rica Rock Climbing Tours in Costa Rica

Some people think that there are not rock climbing spots in Costa Rica. Even if we don't have places like El Capitan, there are some good quality rock climbing areas in Costa Rica. One day and overnight trips can be arranged for you during your visit to Costa Rica, either as part of your multi day trip around the country or by itself. Places like Cachi, Cerro de la Muerte and Chirripo are some of this famous places for climbing in Costa Rica. >> Go Rock Climbing in Costa Rica

Volcano Tours in Costa Rica Volcano Tours in Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica we have volcanoes for everybody's taste!!. There is a total of 120 volcanoes in Costa Rica, most of those known just as a mountain by the average observer. There are volcanos with lava activity like Arenal Volcano; with huge craters and a paved road to the top, like Poas Volcano and Irazu Volcano; with fumarolic lagoons and mud pools like the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano; or as far and secluded as Cacho Negro Volcano. >> See Volcano Tours in Costa Rica

Canyoning tours in Costa Rica Canyoning Tours in Costa Rica

Canyoning or Canyoneering, is traveling in slot canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, rappeling (abseiling), and/or swimming. For some people is the ultimate adventure sport, because requieres a lot of techniques from other activities, even hiking and navigation, to get from the trailhead to the canyon and back. You will find Canyoneering Tours in Costa Rica for everybody: from easy ones suited for everybody in the family, that doesn't require previous experience, to multi-day first descents of a canyon in a expedition type of trip, reserved just for hard core experienced people. >> Find Canyoneering tours in Costa Rica

Rafting tours in Costa Rica Rafting Tours in Costa Rica

When you think in your tour in Costa Rica, White Water Rafting is one of the Must-Do activities if you like adventure. Whith pristine rivers carved trough the beautiful lush jungles and gorges, and a nice water temperature year round, you really don't want to miss it. Pacuare River, is Costa Rica's best river and One of the Top 5 Rivers around the world for White Water Rafting according to National Geographic... just come and discover why!!! >> Find Rafting tours in Costa Rica

Horseback Riding tours in Costa Rica Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

When >> Find Horseback Riding tours in Costa Rica

Kayaking tours in Costa Rica Kayaking Tours in Costa Rica

The Kayaking tours in Costa Rica organized by Outdoor Adventures, allows you to get a closer view of the rivers and sea shores where you can enjoy the wildlife and amazing views of the scenery. We can take you in a multi-day expedition type of trip, where we need to carry all of our stuff around the Golfo Dulce, close to the Osa Peninsula in the South Pacific of Costa Rica or in the inland channels near Tortuguero on the Caribbean. We have Kayaking tours available also as part of the Multi-Sport trips across Costa Rica. >> Find Kayaking tours in Costa Rica

Family Vacations in Costa Rica Family Vacations in Costa Rica

Nothing creates bonds and deepens friendships like outdoor family vacations. Discovering nature combined with exciting adventure will provide both fun and learning for the whole family. Those of us at Outdoor Adventures who are parents understand the importance of creating memorable active vacations for children and adults who want to share the most unforgettable, fun-filled adventure possible. >> See recommended Family Vacations in Costa Rica

What Our Customers Say

Read what some of our customers had to say after experiencing Costa Rica with Outdoor Adventures in the Customer Reviews page.

"We had a fantastic trip with Outdoor Adventures. We got a chance to see the Arenal Volcano before we went waterfall repelling in La Fortuna! It was one of my best days in Costa Rica. Everybody was really easy going and the whole trip was really amazing. I would definitely recommend this company and I hope to come back and take another adventure someday!" Michelle Webb, Minnesota, USA

"I spent my birthday with Mauricio and Outdoor Adventures, and it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Everything was very comfortable and professional, and I really enjoyed myself the entire time, from the moment we were picked up through until the very end. I will remember this as one of my most exciting and fun adventures in Costa Rica." Amara Lewis, Virginia, USA

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Outdoor Adventures is an adventure travel and expedition outfitter. We design and operate all our adventure trips. We have professionals specialized as adventure guides, with extensive experience and training in mountaineering, Search & Rescue, cartography and GPS, first aid and CPR - just to mention a few skills... -, that will make everything posible so you can enjoy the lush beautiful tropics, and turn this adventure in Costa Rica to an unforgettable amazing experience!!

Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Adventures and it will be a pleasure to help you discover Costa Rica, and all that makes this little country wonderful! Pura Vida!!!

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Costa Rica’s variety of activities draws visitors from around the globe in and around wildlife refuges and national parks.
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