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Review: Customized Adventure Trip, 10 days

Christina & Marie at Rio CelesteI have visited Costa Rica before on a solo trip where I met Mauricio in the Guanacaste region. We were staying at the same hotel where we exchanged contact info and I informed him that when I returned to the country I would look him up and use him as my guide.

Four years later, a friend told me she was getting married in the same area so I kept true to my word, contacted Mauricio, and he arranged a trip for myself and another friend who was joining me on the journey. We had in mind several things we wanted to do while visiting so we asked Mauricio to put together something that would accomodate both our wishes as well as leave time to attend my friend's wedding.

He went above and beyond for us to customize a trip that included MANY different adventures including hiking, swimming to waterfalls, sailing, snorkeling, massages (the therapist came to our hotel), surfing, volcanic mud baths, hot springs, canyoneering, cave exploring, rainforest tours, sightseeing, volcano tours, and white water rafting. Mauricio's English and knowledge of the country was amazing and beyond our expectations. He told us the history of the country (he's very well informed), drove us all over (we probably covered around 1000 miles in 8 days) in his own 4x4 car (no crowded tour buses), took us to some of his favorite places including some awesome local spots that tourists usually don't visit. All our hotel accomodations were taken care of as well as our meals. This was a great relief as any time you travel abroad, figuring these things out is always a big time thief. We really didn't have to think much on this trip. What a blessing!

Mauricio knows people all over the country and we were treated like queens. We were able to participate in private activities that only he knew about and in some of these places we were literally the only people there. This is pretty cool when you are in the middle of a rainforest or a jungle just surrounded by the beauty. Its like a little piece of heaven reserved just for you! We certainly appreciated the fact that there were never crowds at the places we visited.

Mauricio handled everything with an amazingly positive attitude and smile on his face (even when his iphone took a swim in the Pacific). He truly possesses a servant's heart and it is very present at all times. It is more than obvious that he loves his job and his clients.

I would highly recommend using Outdoor Adventures for anyone looking to visit Costa Rica. Leave the planning to Mauricio and I promise he will not disappoint. I can't wait for my next trip!! Pura Vida!

Christina Miller
Area Manager, Arbonne International
www.christinam.myarbonne.com -external link-

Review: Adventure Quest

Theresa and Frederic on Adventure Quest trip at Venado Caves © by OA:modio We just got back from Costa Rica and I still can't stop looking at the pictures ! And I can't stop talking about our guide ! Mauricio, in my opinion, MADE the vacation. We didn't have to worry about finding hotels, finding a good place to eat, or finding off-beat locations. We were able to travel the northern part of Costa Rica with no worry, due to his knowledge and planning. Not to mention his connections ! Everywhere we travelled, he seemed to know not just a few of the people, but nearly everyone. And they all seemed very happy to see him.

Our trip technically began in Tortuguero, although our drive to the boat was a wonderful introduction to the country. Mauricio took us through the history of how these cities were able to be connected and stopped several times along the way so that we could take pictures. Once in Tortuguero, he helped us bring our luggage to our room. The towels had been formed into a heart shape and we had a balconey over-looking the ocean. The room itself was small, but local. Mauricio took us on a tour of the "island," showing us a short film on the dangers the turtles of Tortuguero are facing. It was evident from the start that he is not just a tour guide, but a man who loves his country and the creatures who live in it, dearly. We were lucky to sample two of the restaurants there and both were fantastic, but the river prawns won me over !! After dinner, we stood out under the stars. Being from New York, we don't get to see them often. Mauricio pointed out a few constellations for us - it was a beautiful start to our vacation.

From there, we canoed through the rain forest (Mauricio made us fresh sandwiches while on the water) and we saw some amazing creatures !! I can't believe the eyes that he and the other guide have !!! I really did think the canoe trip was going to be the highlight of our vacation, but little did I know. After Tortuguero was a 3 hour drive to La Fortuna. I wasn't sure how 3 hours in a car with just my boyfriend and a tour-guide we just met was going to be, but Mauricio is so easy to get along with. He's eager to discuss how he got into the business, and hear about your history, all the while keeping his eye out for things to see along the drive.

In La Fortuna we went through the Venado Caves and hiked to the top of the Cerro Chato volcano. Mauricio had all the gear we needed and was able to tell us exactly what to wear for these treks. I witnessed other people struggling with their clothes or flashlights and I realized I was in very good hands. During the hike, my boyfriend and I, who are sadly not as in shape as we should be, found ourselves lagging behind Mauricio a bit. He dropped to our pace, but kept our spirits up. He kept reminding us, after the hike, that he had quoted us a 2-hour hike up, and it took exactly that. His ability to stay in high spirits can be intoxicating. [:-)]

NOTE: I had called Mauricio before this trip to firmly let him know that I would not be participating in rappelling or ziplining / canopy tours due to my fear of heights. He happily explained that we could rearrange the trip and do mountain biking and horseback riding instead. It's important to note this because by the time we were done with our hike of Cerro Chato, I was strangely willing to try, at least, the rappelling. I felt safe with Mauricio and decided that if I was ever going to try, it would need to be with him. When the day came, and I was literally trembling with fear at the cliff, Mauricio told me that it was good to have fear; it means I respect my life. He calmed me down, told me to not look down. I took his advice and although I was ready to cry, I let the people lower me from the cliff. 165 feet above ground. It was exhilerating. And I literally felt my fear turn into energy as I lowered myself. By the time I finished the first, I was ready for the second. And by the time I was done with the tour, I told Mauricio I was ready to try the Canopy Tour.

On our trip to Monteverde, for the canopy tour, we stopped, on impulse, at a Coffee Receiver, and got to walk through a coffee plantation and learn about the labor that is involved in creating what I'm so addicted to in the morning. It was highly educational and a lot of fun to learn. After this, we drove into the town. He told us all about the history of how this mountain-top town began (which is very interesting and I'll let him tell you all about it) and in the morning, we headed out to do something I thought I'd never do. But again, with Mauricio's coaching, patience, and energy, I found myself hooked to a wire and flying through the trees of the cloud-forest. I even was the first of our group to jump on to the Tarzan swing !! Even now, I'm doing research to go ziplining here in New York.

I'm pointing all of this out because I don't believe I EVER would have tried this if it hadn't been for how safe I felt with Mauricio as our guide. If he can get me through my immobilizing fear of heights - he's a miracle-man. [:-)]

During all of this, he handled the cost of all of our food, the gas, the hotels, the snacks, and he even carried our bags to our rooms. And as if that wasn't enough....

His generous wife took time from her day to reserve a table for us at a well-known restaurant for New Year's Eve. We were able to view all of San Jose and the fireworks from our table. Thank you, Kattia !!!

In the beginning of the week, I'd said I really really wanted to try local tamales. Alas - being the holidays - there didn't seem to be any available. When the trip was over, Mauricio dropped us off at our hotel and prepared for his brother-in-law to take us to the restaurant. It was hard to say goodbye. But he had his brother-in-law stop us at his mother-in-law's house, where his AWESOME wife had prepared homemade tamales for us !!! They also had made us tapas de dulce and had purchased us some sugar cane to take home ! I got to meet his whole family, who were all so generous and kind.

We had the time of our lives. We really did. And I attribute Mauricio for making it so fantastic. I have never met a person more perfect for their job than he is for this.

He comes highly recommeded from me - in fact if he is willing to pass you my contact information, I'm more than willing to give you more info. I KNOW I'm missing pieces - there wasn't a moment that I wasn't excited by this trip.

The next time we go to Costa Rica, we are definitely calling Mauricio again. If you are looking for a guided tour that includes the local touch, good food, and flexible but awesome adventure, you should too !!!

Theresa & Frederic
New York, USA

Review: Molnar Family trip

Molnar family near Monteverde © by OA:modio Mauricio,
We wanted to thank you for our great adventure that you put together for us, it was awesome. When we first found you on the website we weren’t sure about setting up a trip to Costa Rica with someone we didn’t know, but we sent you an email and as we talked to you we were sure it would turn out okay. We were wrong, it turned out to be unbelievably great.

We did 2 weeks with him and we told him our wants and boy did he fulfill them. He was always on time and made sure we were always doing something and we were safe. We ate at some places that I would never have ventured into, even though my wife and son speak Spanish, but as always he out did himself the food was always the best. We ate all local food.

The sleeping quarters were better then we thought they would be, since we wanted to stay with the locals and backpackers. We went to some beautiful waterfalls where we where all alone, also everywhere we went, 850 miles by car, he knew everyone, it was like who didn’t he know. We tried to stay off the local path of visitors and wanted to be with the people and he made sure that happened.

The hiking was amazing and so was the reserve that we stayed at for 2 nights with no electricity. We really didn’t stop for the 2 weeks and if anybody wants to have a really great adventure I would highly recommend Mauricio. We also did whitewater rafting, ATV riding all the way to Panama, horse back riding, zip lining and rock climbing and playing Tarzan. The best for last was the caving we did, I loved it, I felt like a kid again, it was too short but the 2 hours we were there was unreal. Our son who is 15 had a great time also but he would rather had MacDonald’s than the local food.

We also like to thank you for bringing us into your family during the holidays, remember we were there for Xmas and new years, your wife and daughter were great to be around the two nights we were in town, also we got to meet you father who you can tell is a very proud man and we also saw his frozen food processing plant. Again my son and wife and my self hope we will always remain your friend and part of your family, we will certainly use you again in the future. Thanks for a fabulous trip of a life time.

Gracias y Pura Vida!!

The Molnars
Paul & Lily & JD

Florida, USA

Review: Tortuguero, La Fortuna and Monteverde

Manon and Wouter, with La Fortuna Waterfall on the backHi Mauricio, We had a great trip home, although we miss Costa Rica very much. We still dream about it every night! When we came home our stupid provider had changed something with the internet, and we still don't have any connection. Which is why it took so long to make a review. Luckily I can use my account at work!

Anyway, we want to thank you for the great trip. Everything was really well organized, nice places to sleep and to eat and we have seen a lot of things in 4 days. In Tortuguero the local guide was very experienced and gave us the opportunity to see many turtles laying eggs, and he was great on the boat trip the next morning. He spotted animals I would never have noticed myself, like tiny bats on a tree and a Caiman in the water. Seeing the turtles lay their eggs is probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

The trip to Arenal was great, even though the volcano was too shy to show herself. The hot springs are really a lot of fun. And finally Monteverde was very nice. Great hotel, great ice-cream, very nice canopy-tour and walk along the bridges.

We got the impression that Mauricio surely knows his way around Costa Rica and knows many people who are hotel-owners, guides, restaurant-keepers, etc., which makes a trip with him very easy.

The Kabata hostel in San Jose which is run by Mauricio and his family is truly a family business, which makes for a great stay. They are currently changing the colour scheme of their new place, which will make even better. At the end of our trip Mauricio gave us a cd with photo's he made during the tour. Since his camera is better than ours we were very happy with the wildlife-pictures he took! Kind regards,

Manon & Wouter
Holland, The Netherlands

Review: Corcovado Trekking from Carate to Drake

Guy Provencher Corcovado Trekking © by OA:modio Thank you Mauricio for such a great trip. From the moment of arrival and up to the very end, you were the most professional and trustworthy guide that I could have ever find in Costa Rica. You properly arranged all details such as permit, food, transport, equipment and lodgings. You went extra lengths in securing night passage through a very risky and unusual part of Corcovado. You correctly assessed my abilities and we were able to successfully complete this extraordinary adventure. I am very happy to be one of the few who hiked Corcovado from Carate to Drake Bay. You freely shared knowledge and expertise on your beautiful country and its challenges. I am glad to see that you are part of its present and futures opportunities. Your expertise and contribution are needed and hopefully it will be appreciated.

You helped me grow. You assisted me in making me a better person. And I discovered latents talents and strengths. And for all of this, I humbly say: gracias for todo.

To anyone out there who is contemplating a special custom-made adventure in Costa Rica, I highly recommend Mauricio and Outdoor Adventures. I was not disappointed. I was treated with all respect and professional expertise. Outdoor Adventures is a first class company. Go for it.

Pura Vida!

Vancouver, Canada

Review: La Fortuna and Monteverde Adventure

Brett, with Arenal Volcano in the middle of an eruption!!Having previously experienced different types of tours and tour companies in many countries, I walked through the doors of Outdoor Adventures with certain expectations. Well, I can honestly say that they not only exceeded my expectations but have now raised the bar.

The impeccable attention given to a client´s individual interests, desires, and considerations made for a truly enjoyable and unforgettable trip. The staff were impressively knowledgeable on myriad subjects and quite adept at conveying this knowledge in an interactive and entertaining manner. The entire trip was extremely well organized, and they truly went the extra mile without ever even being asked to do so.

I am extremely impressed with Outdoor Adventures, and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone wanting to make sure that they get the most out of their trip to Costa Rica.

Brett Best
Washington, DC, USA

Review: Adventure Combo

John and Tim, on the hike to the top of Cerro Chato © by OA:modio Outdoor Adventures gave me an experience far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Paulo's knowledge of wildlife, plant life, Costa Rican history and the areas we went to was incredible. He consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. I felt uncomfortable calling him a tour guide by the middle of the week because he was just like a friend showing me his country.

Mauricio's professionalism and assistance planning the trip to the specifications of myself and the friend I came to Costa Rica with was amazing. Anyone who wants to experience Costa Rica on their own terms with a little help from some friendly people could not go wrong with Outdoor Adventures.

John Fischer

WOW, Oh my god, are you kidding me, unbelievable, best thing ever. These are words I would use to describe my experience with Outdoor Adventures if they were adequate enough. From minute one Maurico and staff have been outstanding. They took care of everything.

As for the tour it was stunning. This country contains some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. Our guide Paulo was extremely helpful in all aspects of identifying what exactly that scenery was. More like a friend that l was visiting, Paulo for lack of better words Kicked A#$, the man was spot on for identifying wildlife and plants. He was very attentive to what we needed to make the trek unforgettable. Paulo was a godsend.

Anyone I know that is traveling I will recommend Costa Rica, and when coming to Costa Rica there is only one company to deal with. Outdoor Adventures and the Kabata Hostel.


Tim Begnal

Review: Arenal Volcano and Tortuguero

Martin and Johanna, exploring Venado Caves © by OA:modio We made our four day trip with Outdoor Adventures after a ten day trip to the pacific coast. It was a totally different experience compared to the trip on our own to the Pacific coast.

From now on, everything was organized in detail. Mauricio made dashing through the country becoming an interesting birds and animal watching tour. We started through the coffee plantation areas to La Fortuna and to the Arenal volcano.

A mixture of action and nature trip like canyoning, a visit to Cerro Chato, some relax time in the Baldi hot springs and going to the underground in the Venados Caves, fullfilled two breathtaking but highly enjoyable days.

Afterwards we had a little relax time at the drive to Tortuguero with some enjoyable traditional meals during the tour, we finally arrived at the national park there. At this spot we watched the riverside with a canoe. The rainy weather didn´t stop us from watching the wakening wildlife.

We did a highly recomendable tour with much much information about the people and the nature of Costa Rica which can't be provided by any travel guide.

Martin and Johanna

Review: Adrenaline Rush Multi-Sport

Lee Kevin and Ryan mountain biking around the Arenal Lake with Arenal volcano on the back © by OA:modio Dear Mauricio

Thanks for organising an excellent trip and for the videos and photos you took of our memorable time in Costa Rica. I have been telling everyone how great Costa Rica is - beautiful, dramatic scenery, lots to do, lots to see, friendly people and great food. The two-day rafting trip was not what we were expecting, day one was very tame and short, but day two was excellent, for a one-day trip it is fantastic. We would have liked to have done the Superman zip-line, we met some people on the flight home who had loved that. But we did not have enough time to do everything, so may be next time when I see the turtles on the beach and go to Osa and go horse-riding and go to the caribbean and scuba dive at Coco Island and the rest. Looking forward already.

Anyway keep up the good work and I hope everything goes well for you.

Kind Regards

Lee, Kevin & Ryan
England, UK

Review: Top 5 Adventure

Ramiel and Nicole in a canoe in Tortuguero National Park © by OA:modio First things first, the hostel offers clean rooms, free internet, and although the bathroom is shared, it has above average cleanliness. The staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We only stayed for two nights, but even while looking for things to be wrong, we couldn't find a thing. They are a 5 minute walk from a great shopping district downtown and in a safe neighborhood. A bonus were the cute cats roaming around. There was some noise at night from them, but nowhere near what any of the previous comments claimed. Definitely not enough to disturb your sleep. Normally this is where the review would end, however this hostel offers more than meets the eye.

They also offer customized excursions through their affiliate company, Outdoor Adventures, that meet anybody´s time frame, whether long or short. We only had 5 full days in Costa Rica and were able to see all the major sights claimed to be a "must see". These include Tortuguero, La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano and Tabacon Hot Springs), Monteverde (Canopy Tours), Manuel Antonio (national park and great beaches), and we still saw a bit of San Jose. This was a last minute trip for my girlfriend and I, but the owner Mauricio was able to give us exactly what we asked for at a more than reasonable price.

Our guide Paulo might as well have written the book on Costa Rica with how much knowledge he had shared with us about the culture, history, and wildlife of Costa Rica. He was not just a guide, but a friend on our trip. He was funny, enjoyable to hang out with, and conformed to our every need as they came up. Everywhere he recommended us to experience, both sights and culinary, were more than we could´ve found on our own. If we did this trip on our own, we may have found 1 or 2 sights, but nothing close to what he showed us. He gave us a true backdoor experience to this country and we will never forget it.

The cost pales in comparison to what we are taking home in memories. We were lucky to stumble upon Kabata Hostel and their excursion company, Outdoor Adventures, as they are not one of the most advertised when you first research Costa Rican hostels and excursions, but they are definitely everything you could ask for in a trip to Costa Rica. Thank you Paulo, Mauricio, and Kattia!!!!! Pura Vida!!!!


Ramiel & Nicole
Toronto, Canada

Review: La Fortuna and Monteverde

Georgia exploring Cerro Chato © by OA:modio I had an excellent 2 day tour with Outdoor Adventures and made the most of my very short stay in Costa Rica. Mauricio and Kattia took me on a beautiful hike to the Laguna Cerro Chato near La Fortuna. The personalised tour meant that there was plenty of time to enjoy the views and stop to appreciate the stunning gardens and jungle along the way, and I felt a great sense of achievement upon reaching the beautiful lagune. Mauricio enthusiastically shared his knowledge of the area with me along the way. I felt very safe with him as my guide.

After the walk it was great to have a leisurely soak in the hot springs outside of La Fortuna. Again, the personalised nature of the Outdoor Adverntures tours meant that we could spend as much time there as we wanted.

On my second day I went to Monteverde and did the Canopy Tour. It was SO much fun to glide above the trees and into the clouds. Mauricio´s expertise and hawklike vision meant that we were able to stop and view howler monkeys, a sloth and several birds he spotted during the drive between La Fortuna and Monteverde. I would NEVER have seen these without a guide.

I had a fabulous time and thoroughly recommend the Outdoor Adventures tours.

Georgia Werner

Review: Corcovado Trekking Expedition

Halpern family in the trekking to Corcovado © by OA:modio Dear Mauricio, We have just returned from the 5 days trip to Corcovado National Park organized and guided by you. We would like to send our apreciation for this outstanding experience.

The organization of the equipment needed for camping, the food and the meals you prepared were great! The depth of knowledge that you have shown about the nature of this special area was amazing. Not to mention your sharp eyes that spotted animals that we would never be able to observe without you...

We have learned much about life in the jungle as well about Costa Rican culture and society in general. Taking you as our guide and trip organizer left us free of worries about the "small details" and enabled us to have a pure enjoyable journey.

We shall strongly recommend Outdoor Adventures to all travelers!

Halpern Eyran, MD
Halpern Naama, MD
Halpern Ido
Ram Maayan


Review: Two Volcanoes Hiking Tour

Maxwell Summerlee © by OA:modio Outdoor Adventures is perfect for those travelers looking for something different, for something extraordinary, for something totally unique. The one day, one of a kind, dual volcano tour of Irazu and Turrialba Volcano is hard to describe because of how breathtaking it is. After gazing at the surreal and moon like landscape of Irazu's craters, we decided to take the more adventurous route to Turrialba Volcano; a zigzagging dirt track across the mountain side. Remember to buckle up and hold on tight!

Leaving our 4x4 at the last house on the road up to Turrialba Volcano we hiked the rest of the way with our packed lunches, a sense of adventure, and two amazingly friendly and knowledgeable guides. The view at the summit of the volcano's three craters is worth every step, only made better by the walk into the steaming and still active crater and to top it all off, a volcano picnic! I couldn't have imagined anything more surreal. For the price, the friendly company, and the experience, Outdoor Adventures tours cannot be beat. And these guys literally take you off the beaten path! It's the only real way to transform yourself from typical tourist to adventure traveler.

Maxwell Summerlee
Ontario, Canada

Review: Corcovado Trekking and Tortuguero, La Fortuna & Monteverde

Rod on the way to Corcovado © by OA:modio


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