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Cerro Kamuk Trekking Expedition
Your one in a Lifetime experience

With this Trekking Expedition to Cerro Kamuk, located in La Amistad International Park, Talamanca Mountain Range, you will have the chance to be in the 8th highest mountain of Costa Rica, but maybe the most isolated.

Trekking Expedition to Peak Kamuk, Costa Rica.

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There are many types of adventures but very few are in the category of life experiences. The physical and mental demands of a trekking expedition are par to none. The Trekking expedition to Cerro Kamuk offered by Outdoor Adventures can make you one of the very few who has lived and learned what a real expedition is about, how you venture into the unknown, the unexpected, pressed by your on limitations. And knowing that at the end the prize is the summit of Cerro Kamuk in Costa Rica.

Cerro Kamuk towers at 3.549 m / 11643 ft, inside the La Amistad National Park, this park was declared world patrimony and Biosphere reserve. Its located in the Talamanca Sierra of Costa Rica and Panama making it the largest Natural reserve in the country.

Cerro Kamuk is one of the highest peaks of Costa Rica, and even that some folks say its the second highest in Costa Rica, anyone looking up a geography book can attest, Cerro Kamuk 8th highest. The highest peak in the country, Cerro Chirripo with 3.820 m / 12533 ft takes the cake and others like Cerro Pirámide (3.800 m), Cerro Terbi (3.765 m) and Cerro Ventisqueros (3.760 m) fill the spaces in between, Peak Kamuk even being smaller than Chirripo by less than 400 meters it doesn't make it easier.

Peak Kamuk has to be the farthest, most remote area you can do an expedition trek to. Walking you are looking at 6 to 7 days. This trip begins in the city of San José, where we set up and move to San Isidro in the valley of el General, located in the South East of the country.

After gathering the last supplies we leave San Isidro and make it to Potrero Grande, from here its a 4x4 road to a tiny town called Tres Colinas, spending the night here we'll repack again and we start the expedition towards Cerro Kamuk, the best Trekking Expedition in Costa Rica.

Early the next day, with our bags ready we challenge the first incursion which serves like a good thermometer to gauge the speed of the group for the rest of the expedition, this can also be one of the hardest days since the muscles and body has yet to adapt to the type of terrain. Each member of the team will carry enough gear and supplies to make our walk a bit slower than usual.

Trekking this area of Costa Rica, we will be making many stops along the way due to the nature of the trek itself plus the terrain that in many ways makes us climb many peaks only to show us at the top that we must climb back down again, the beauty of the place is totally worth the effort.

Kamuk Trekking Expedition © by OA:modioDuring our trip you'll see an amazing variety of lush vegetation, as well as microclimates that Cost Rica is famous for and the true prize of this expedition. Once at camp #1 well take a few moments to regroup and organize the tents and the camp. This first night gives us an opportunity to share the experiences lived during the first part of the trek.

After a good night rest surrounded by nature, and as last nights sounds and the forest dissolve with dawn we pack up, start moving and with a good breakfast in our bellies we set out to another adventurous day.

At the end of this day we arrive at camp #2, we will have the first glimpse of Cerro Kamuk in the distance that will only motivate us to achieve the final goal of this trekking expedition. As part of this second day we ascend Cerro Nai, which seem endless but reward us with the most amazing vista, once we return from Cerro Nai, we arrive at camp 2. In camp #2, well pitch tents and cook a very delicious and well deserved dinner. As the night rolls in we share camp with our trekking crew.

Before the sun comes up we have to make a decision: do we spend the night at camp 3 or do we pack lightly to skip camp 3 and continue all the way to Cerro Kamuk. This decision will be based partly on the physical condition of each one of the members of the expedition it's a pushy full day, we can walk for the first time with a lighter pack, making the trek a little lighter but not easier since its more hours that we need to walk. Should the weather permit, well have a view of the Kamuk in front of us and both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans at our sides. The other option is to add an extra day to the trekking expedition by spending a day arriving at camp #3.

The satisfaction of reaching this day the summit of Cerro Kamuk after various days of trekking, will power us up to make it back to camp 2 and share our final meal together as an expedition.

The next day we pack our expedition up and walk back to Tres Colinas. By this point our bodies will be accustomed to the hills and terrain yet minutes become hours.

After trekking for so many days and reached the summit of Cerro Kamuk, it is very satisfactory to see at the distance the small houses that indicate the end of the expedition. Tres Colinas will greet us back into civilization and make us feel like we are in one of the world's best hotels.

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Trip Style
Trekking Expedition
Is It For Me?
This Trekking Expedition to Cerro Kamuk takes you to a place where not a lot of people been... really off the beaten path... and requires a good fitnes level, besides some Trekking / Camping experience, because we need to have good team work.
Activity Level
Activity Level 5
Group Size
Max 8 ( Normally 5)
Included Highlights
• Jungle Trekking Expedition and Camping in the Rain Forest, Cloud Forest and Neotropical Paramo (moorland).
6-7 days
• Camping (4 nights)
• Basic Hotel (2 nights)

Private Car or Van
Food Included
Trekking style food prepared by the participants. Other meals as described
Guide / staff
• Head Guide
• Assistant Guide
• Driver

Just allow extra money for souverniers, tips and alcoholic drinks, which are not included in the trip.
Please Check the Notes section of this expedition
Subject to availability from December to April.

Next trips:
January 19th to 25th, 2014.

Reserve your spot soon, because there are not many available, just 7 per trip!

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