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Expeditions & Trekking Trips
Your unforgettable amazing experience in Costa Rica

Outdoor Adventures strives to make unique Expeditions and Trekking trips that are safe and enjoyable...

Expeditions & Trekking Trips in Costa Rica

Expeditions & Trekking Trips © by OA:modio

Outdoor Adventures runs Expeditions in Costa Rica; they are physical as well as mentally demanding. Its highly recomended that you have previous experience in activities like trekking and hiking, camping and paddling, among others.

Because the group needs to be self-sufficient for many days away from logistical support, you are required to carry all your equipment, making this type of trips intense and often demanding a high level of fitness, you should be training on a daily basis prior to the expedition in order to enjoy the experience fully.

Expeditions because of their exploratory nature have many variables that constantly change (seasonal access and climate changes), Outdoor Adventures strives to make them as safe and enjoyable as posible while making this trips unique and the kind that you don't find everywhere... making your Trekking and Hiking Expedition to Costa Rica an unforgettable amazing experience...

Exploratory Expeditions

Expeditions © by OA:modio Take the Expeditions around Costa Rica a little bit further with this taylor made trips
With the Exploratory Expeditions by Outdoor Adventures; with more then 20 years experience in designing, planing and executing expeditions in the tropical rain forest. Outdoor Adventures specializes in creating safe and logistically effective expeditions into remote places. These unique, unrepeatable and unpredictable expeditions in Costa Rica, take you and a small group of hard core expeditioners, to places you never imagine, sometimes combining places and activities that are already amazing by themselves...

We have taken camera crews, biologists, botanists and vulcanologists to expeditions in different parts of the country. Outdoor Adventures can design, plan and execute your next cientific expedition, documentary or film trip, educational or adventure expedition.

Learn about Exploratory Expeditions organized by Outdoor Adventures: "Cacho Negro Scientific Expedition"

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Kamuk Trekking Expedition - 6 days
Kamuk Trekking Expedition © by OA:modio
With this Trekking Expedition to Cerro Kamuk, located in La Amistad International Park, Talamanca Mountain Range, you will have the chance to be in the 8th highest mountain of Costa Rica, but maybe the most isolated.

Activities: Jungle Trekking Expedition and Camping in the Rain Forest, Cloud Forest and Neotropical Paramo (moorland).

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Corcovado Trekking Expedition - 5 days
Corcovado Trekking Expedition © by OA:modio
This Trekking Expedition by Outdoor Adventures takes you to Corcovado National Park located in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, which is "the most biologically intense place on Earth" according to National Geographic. With around 20 Km of trekking per day, you need to have a reasonable fitness level, and Trekking / Camping experience is prefered but not essential.

Activities: Jungle Trekking in Corcovado: the most biologically intense place on Earth.

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Chirripo Trekking Expedition - 4 days
Chirripo Trekking Expedition © by OA:modio
Chirripo is the highest mountain of Costa Rica with 3820 meters above sea level. Chirripo National Park is part of the La Amistad International Park, nestled in the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Activities: Trekking Expedition (and Camping, if using Uran route) in the Rain Forest, Cloud Forest and Neotropical Paramo (moorland).

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