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Cacho Negro Cientific Expedition
Custom made expedition as a Case example of Our Services

Outdoor Adventures was in charge of the design, plan, and execution of the whole expedition as well as the safety and security of all the participants.

Study Case: Cacho Negro Scientific Expedition

Cacho Negro Scientific Expedition © by OA:modio

Expedition Type

Investigative and Scientific Expedition to Cacho Negro Volcano, located in the Braulio Carrillo National Park in Costa Rica, that according to the Main Objectives set by the scientists, to study the botanical and vulcanology of the area, required the use of a helicopter to make an airborne access of all the expedition team and equipment; because if these expedition will be tryed to get acommplish by land, being a hard access and remote area, will require many more days of jungle trekking, limiting the access to people with excelent fitness and mountaineering experience.

Outdoor Adventures designed, planned, trained the participants, and executed this Scientific Expedition taking a total of 10 people -including the scientist and staff-, to this remote area, and back to civilization in a safe, secure and logistically well executed Expedition. We where working close to the Scientific Director of the Expedition during all stages, to ensure that the trip will be as expected and required.

April 2008.

Logistics done by Outdoor Adventures

For the Cacho Negro Volcano Scientific Expedition we handled:

  • Expedition Design & Planning
  • Participants training and safety guidelines
  • Camping materials and set-up
  • Participants camping equipment
  • Planning the menu and buying all the required food
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Radio Communications
  • GPS and Cartography
  • Paramedic and First Aid kits
  • Safety and Security of the Expedition
  • Helicopter logistics, safety and planning

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