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Coast to Coast Multi-Sport - 13 days
Travel from the Pacific to the Caribbean in this self propeled adventure

Tell all your friends that you are going all the way from the Pacific to the Caribbean in this Coast to Coast Multi-Sport trip in Costa Rica, that includes mountain biking, hiking, rafting and kayaking.

Coast to Coast Multi-Sport - 13 days - Tour Description

Coast to Coast Multi-Sport Adventure Trip Photo album What about traversing from the Pacific Ocean all the way to Caribbean Sea of Costa Rica, in this Coast to Coast Multi-Sport Adventure trip that will allow you to travel using only self propelled adventures like hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. This is a demanding adventure and you should be doing fitness activity on a regular basis at home before trying to do this trip, but you don't need to be a super hero to be able to complete it. It will be the best if you try to ride your bike one day and the next day you switch to do some running / jogging / hiking, to get accustomed to change disciplines. In this trip we will have one type of activity per day, and most of the trip we will have a support vehicle taking our gear and luggage. The lodging ranges from nice comfy hotels, to small cabinas in tiny towns, to camping in the middle of nowhere. First/last day hotels and airport transfers are included in this trip.

Coast to Coast Multi Sport - Tour Itinerary

This Itinerary shows the information for the "Standard Accomodation". If you would like a little bit more confortable hotels, you can choose to "Upgrade Accomodation" and we can give you the new price depending on availability and season.

Day Description
1 San Jose
  One of our representatives will meet you at the airport to take you to the Hotel. If you are not arriving to Costa Rica this day, you will meet the group directly at the Hotel.
Included: Transfer from the Airport
2 Quepos
  You still have time to arrive this day early in the morning, in case your connecting flights allows it. During this morning we will do a gear check up to make sure that everyone have everything, since most of the specialty gear is only found in San Jose. Around 14:00 h. , after having lunch in San Jose, we will pack our gear and head to Quepos in the Pacific coast. If everyone is arriving the first day we might travel earlier to have time to relax at the beach at the Manuel Antonio National Park. Hotel in Quepos.
Included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner.
3 Pacific Ocean - Cielo Azul
  After breakfast in Quepos we get ready to start our adventure with the first leg of Mountain Biking (MTB). We have 40 km for this day. After arriving we will sort out our gear for next day. Cabinas in Cielo Azul
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Mountain Bike 40 km
4 Cielo Azul - Betania
  Just after a delicious breakfast we will take our backpacks for this section of the trip, where we will not have our vehicle support for two days. The rest of our gear will meet us tomorrow afternoon. Today we will hike to Betania camp, which is around 7 km of hiking. Camping in Betania.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Hiking 7 km (no support vehicle today)
5 Betania - Naranjillo
  After breakfast and disasemble our camp, we will hike to Naranjillo (17km) where the car and our gear is waiting for us. Camping in Naranjillo.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Hiking 17 km (no support vehicle today)
6 Naranjillo - La Esperanza
  Again we need to pack our camping gear and have breakfast. Afterwards we take our bikes for a ride of 36 km with beautiful scenery of coffee platations in this area where you have the best coffee of the world: The Dota - Tarrazu area. Today we will pass the Continental Divide, at the highest point of our trip. Camping in La Esperanza
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Mountain Bike 36 km
7 La Esperanza - Orosi
  After breakfast and packing our gear we will hike to Orosi in a trip of 22 km mostly down hill now on the Caribbean side of the mountains. Cabinas in Cachi.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Hiking 22 km
8 Orosi - Tucurrique
  We will visit after brekfast one of the oldest churches in the Country, located in Orosi. Today we will have 35 km of Mountain bike in roads around farms and crops, from Orosi to Tucurrique. Cabinas in Tucurrique.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Mountain bike 35 km
9 Tucurrique - Tres Equis
  After breakfast we will continue with this section of biking to the small town of Tres Equis, located at the entrance of the Pacuare River. Camping.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Mountain bike 35 km
10 Tres Equis - Pacuare tent Camp
  Today after breakfast we will change our backpacks and bicicle for a raft to travel in the Pacuare river, ranked by National Geographic as one of the top 5 river for white water rafting in the world. After 15 km in this Class III - IV river we will get to the camping lodge at the side of the river. We will have some time to explore the surroundings of this magnificient jungle where the Pacuare is located. The rest of our gear stays at the car. Camping lodge at the Pacuare River.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Pacuare White Water Rafting 15 km
11 Pacuare tent Camp - Siquirres
  After a wonderful sunrise in the Pacuare and a delicious breakfast we will take the raft again to the town of Siquirres. Hotel in Siquirres.
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Pacuare White Water Rafting 15 km
12 Siquirres - Mouth of the Pacuare River on the Caribbean
  Today for our last day of adventure we will try another way of transport, using seat on top kayaks to travel in the flat section of the Pacuare river, all the way from the town of Siquirres to the Boca Pacuare (the mouth of Pacuare), right where the river gets into the Caribbean sea, to finish our epic adventure. We will have some time to relax and then take a outboard motor boat to take us to the Dock where our car is waiting for us. Transfer to San Jose. Farewell dinner in San Jose. Hotel in San Jose
Included: Breakfast - Box Lunch - Dinner
Activity: Kayaking
13 Return Home
  Pick up at your hotel for Transfer to the Airport. Fly back home. Or continue with an extension trip, if this was not enough!!!!
Included: Transfer to the airport

Coast to Coast Photo album Coast to Coast Image Gallery

Trip Style
Multi Sport
Is It For Me?
If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, crossing from the Pacific to the Caribeean with self propeled means (and a car support) this is your trip.
Activity Level
Activity Level 3
Group Size
Max 12 (minimum 4)
Included Highlights
• Coast to Coast trip
• Overnight camp at the Pacuare
• Mountain biking
• Hiking
• Rafting
• Kayaking

13 days
No Style selection.. Just one option available
• Normal

Car or van at the beggining
Support vehicle during the trip
Car or van at the end
Food Included
All Inclusive (3 meals a day)
Guide / staff
Head Guide / Driver.
Just allow extra money for souverniers, tips and alcoholic drinks, which are not included in the trip.
Please Check the Notes section of this tour
- Nov 14th to 26th, 2014

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