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About You
The Active Traveler

Our adventure trips are designed around exciting activities and amazing places, to provide an unforgettable experience that will change your life... in a positive way!!

About You: the traveler

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Outdoor Adventures Costa Rica is an EcoTourism adventure travel outfitter company that specializes in offering off the beaten path expeditions, trekking, multi-sport tours and adventure trips to the most popular destinations all around Costa Rica.

Our itineraries provide active travelers with an alternative to most package tours that will challenge clients both phisically and mentally. Our adventure trips are designed around exciting activities and amazing places, to provide an unforgettable experience that will change your life.

Our Expeditions and Adventure Trips in Costa Rica

With Outdoor Adventures you can participate in many adventurous activities like trekking, river rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, off-road adventures, canyoneering, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, wildlife photography ... and lots more!! Many of our customers enjoy first hand what you normally see in the pages of Outside or National Geographic magazine...

If you want to avoid the hasless of planning, save time during your trip and just focus on enjoying your vacation time, you can take advantage and the convenience of our Adventure Tours in Costa Rica. Designed and operated by Outdoor Adventures, all our tours are lead by an expert and personable Adventure Leader, that travels with you from begining to end, ensuring quality in a seamless way.

Our Clients: Our Friends

Outdoor Adventures clients include couples, families, and groups who desire an alternative to most package tours, with a high level of adventure and personalized service. We cater to active people with active lifestyles who whant to continue this on thier vacation. Outdoor Adventures custom adventures can be designed for any ability level and age range. Our itineraries are designed to inmerse you in the tropics and create an environment that allows everyone to enjoy the activities of their vacation. At the end, we all say good bye as friends...

Why should I travel with Outdoor Adventures

We are dedicated and passionate expeditioners and explorers ourselves and we do all this activities on our free time, because we really enjoy the life outdoors. We provide active travelers with an alternative to most package tours, because we design, plan and operate our own Expeditions and Adventure Trips to ensure the best quality at an affordable and fair price, that is not diluted in a huge chain of intermediaries. We are a 100% Costa Rican owned company, and when you travel with us, you are also helping the local economy as we mostly use local guides and family run providers.

What is Active Adventure Travel?

Active adventure travel can be best described as experiencing a country´s most amazing adventure activities while enjoying the unique and amazing locations available. You will reap the benefits of having your intellectual senses stimulated and your physical senses challenged. We believe an active adventure vacation is the best way to travel and insures you to return home enlightened, refreshed, and re-energized.

Who are Adventure Travelers?

At Outdoor Adventures, Our Adventure Travelers consist of active people of all genders, trends of life and ages. They share a love of the outdoors and the passion to explore the world and experience new cultures. No matter your ability, our adventures will make you feel a great sense of accomplishment as you participate in the activities and culture that Costa Rica have to offer.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Outdoor Adventures designs it adventures to promote income generation, enployment and the conservation of the local resources. Our activities are designed to make a low impact on the environment and local culture while preserving the adventure and experience in all our destinations.

Sustainable tourism is the idea that the benefits of tourism and development should be shared by the communities and countries that you travel to. Travelers learn how to sustain a country´s character while deepening their own travel experience.

  • respects wildlife and the habitats
  • strives for quality not quantity
  • deepens learnings for travelers
  • stresses local ownership
  • respects local customs and traditions
  • invests in communities for a better future
  • conserves resources
  • benefits residents

What Our Customers Say

Read what some of our customers had to say after experiencing Costa Rica with Outdoor Adventures in the Customer Reviews page.

"We had a fantastic trip with Outdoor Adventures. We got a chance to see the Arenal Volcano before we went waterfall repelling in La Fortuna! It was one of my best days in Costa Rica. Everybody was really easy going and the whole trip was really amazing. I would definitely recommend this company and I hope to come back and take another adventure someday!" Michelle Webb, Minnesota, USA

"I spent my birthday with Mauricio and Outdoor Adventures, and it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Everything was very comfortable and professional, and I really enjoyed myself the entire time, from the moment we were picked up through until the very end. I will remember this as one of my most exciting and fun adventures in Costa Rica." Amara Lewis, Virginia, USA

Adventure Training

Outdoor Adventures gives the training you need to acomplish your adventures with safety and the right skills and procedures. Learn More
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Knowing the basics of Rope Descending and Ascending is the pass to more technical adventures.
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Learn from an American Canyoneering Association Certified Instructor
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Would you know what to do? Handling a medical emergency in a wilderness or dangerous place is serious business

About Outdoor Adventures Costa Rica

Outdoor Adventures is an adventure travel and expedition outfitter. We design and operate all our adventure trips. We have professionals specialized as adventure guides, with extensive experience and training in mountaineering, Search & Rescue, cartography and GPS, first aid and CPR - just to mention a few skills... -, that will make everything posible so you can enjoy the lush beautiful tropics, and turn this adventure in Costa Rica to an unforgettable amazing experience!!

Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Adventures and it will be a pleasure to help you discover Costa Rica, and all that makes this little country wonderful! Pura Vida!!!

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What We Do

Outdoor Adventures Costa Rica offers different types of services to suit your needs, that goes from organizing your next expedition; to work with your company to improve the customer service and the safety, security and procedures of your existing tour.
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Outdoor Adventures strives to make unique Expeditions and Trekking trips that are safe and enjoyable...
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Travel with small groups, in an action packed tour around Costa Rica by Outdoor Adventures
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Just tell us your dreams and we will create just for you a tailor made itinerary to discover Costa Rica!!
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Costa Rica’s variety of activities draws visitors from around the globe in and around wildlife refuges and national parks.
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Training both to companies and individuals, teaching safety and the right skills and procedures.
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We offer our Know-How to develop new adventure tours and improve safety and procedures.
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