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Suggested Gear list
Gear list for adventures and expeditions

Everyone packs different, but maybe this list will help you to start packing for your next adventure

Suggested Gear list

Tours © by OA:modio This is a list of gear has been created to help you choose your clothing and gear for this trip. Try to bring only what is necessary. This will help you and will make a better experience.

Official Papers

  • Passports and copies
  • Backpack (or Duffel bag) sturdy and large enough to hold clothing.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, breathable rain jacket (or poncho)
  • Hiking lightweight boots -Comfortable Trekking shoe Breathable and quick- drying is a plus.
  • Sandals (Teva-type sandals),
  • Tennis shoes/running shoes. If you do not bring hiking boots, make sure you bring TWO pairs of tennis shoes. As soon as one pair gets wet, use that pair whenever you're likely to get your feet wet. Go to any length to keep the other pair dry!
  • Lightweight, casual, easily washable items for city/evening wear or when traveling
  • Bring at least 2 sets of clothes that dry quickly. (Jeans not recommended; too slow to dry.)
  • Shirts: cotton or light synthetic, long- and short-sleeved.
  • Hiking shorts quick-dry.
  • Hiking pants quick-dry with removable sleeves for hiking though the bushes and in warmer places.
  • Hiking socks
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit
  • Sun Hat
Travel Accessories
  • Headlamp/flashlight with extra batteries/bulb (required)
  • Travel towel, lightweight & quick drying (use for swimming/beach)
  • A water bottle, 1-quart size or hydration pack Hydration bladder (Camelback or such)
  • Sunglasses & retainer strap
  • Sun block and lip balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Toiletry kit
  • Hand sanitizer gel
  • Watch with alarm or travel alarm
  • Small dry bag
Optional Accessories
  • Socks: bring extra pairs in case feet get wet.
  • Favorite energy snacks and drink mixed
  • Rain gear: poncho, raincoat and umbrella.
  • Hat(s) with visor for rain and sun protection.
  • Camera and plenty of film. Also, extra batteries/battery charger and plenty of memory for a digital.
  • Ziplock plastic bags for spillable toiletries, and plastic garbage bags for wet items.
  • Extra prescription glasses and medication (if applicable).
  • Small day pack or fanny pack for hikes.
  • Sweater or jacket.
  • Pocket knife or pocket tool.
  • Small binoculars (recommended)
  • Collapsible luggage to store extra items in San José.
Things to Consider
  • Please remember to always pack essential items such as your passport, money, eyewear, hiking boots, a pair of shorts/shirt/fleece top/sandals and medications in your carry-on baggage, in case your luggage is delayed.
  • Bring clothing that is light in weight and color, quick-drying and that ventilates and protects you from the sun.
  • Dress is informal and casual style clothes are always acceptable.
  • Shorts and beachwear are acceptable while hiking and at the beach.
  • Bring a lightweight, long-sleeved fleece or synthetic top.
  • A lightweight rain poncho may be preferable over a rain jacket due to the heat and humidity.
  • Thin liner socks worn under regular hiking socks may minimize the risk of blisters. The liner sock should be synthetic, not cotton. Test your sock combination before you go on the trip.
  • Sarongs make excellent lightweight, quick-drying and compact travel and beach towels. However, once it becomes wet, it will drain your body heat. Bring wool or synthetics
  • Plastic bags are the key to keeping clothing and gear dry. Use Ziploc bags to keep wet clothes separate from dry clothes.
  • If you wear prescription glasses, use a safety cord and bring an extra pair if possible. Contact lens wearers should also bring an extra set, or bring

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"We had a fantastic trip with Outdoor Adventures. We got a chance to see the Arenal Volcano before we went waterfall repelling in La Fortuna! It was one of my best days in Costa Rica. Everybody was really easy going and the whole trip was really amazing. I would definitely recommend this company and I hope to come back and take another adventure someday!" Michelle Webb, Minnesota, USA

"I spent my birthday with Mauricio and Outdoor Adventures, and it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Everything was very comfortable and professional, and I really enjoyed myself the entire time, from the moment we were picked up through until the very end. I will remember this as one of my most exciting and fun adventures in Costa Rica." Amara Lewis, Virginia, USA

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